In every county in this country through the prosecuting attorney's office there is a victims advocate to assist the victim or their families through the entire legal process, however there is no one to assist the "other victim" which is the family members of those accused, or convicted of a crime. Tova was founded for the purpose of being the advocate for the other victim, by offering a 24 hour a day service which provides immediate assistance to family members of those accused of a crime, and to see the family member through the entire process which does help balance the scales of justice.

When a person is arrested and charged with a crime the family of the accused person has no where to turn, and in so many cases has never had to deal with the judicial system, therefore they are left alone, and many times shunned by society by mere association with the accused. The judicial system is a very complex system not understood easily by a person that has never had to deal with it, therefore Tova is in place to educate family members, and assist them in getting the help that they need through crisis intervention, education and guidance.

Tova is available for educational purposes in being able to reach out into communities and address the issues of crime, and the ultimate consequences that affect so many. Tova is also available to act as a liaison between the family member of the accused and the attorney with proper releases signed to ensure that everything that can be done legally is being done. Early intervention in criminal cases can balance the scales of justice by achieving fairness and equal justice. It is important that no person be victimized by the very system this in place to protect all.

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