Tina Church
Tina Church is the founder of The Other Victims Advocacy and is the President of the organization. Tina is a licensed private detective in the State of indiana and has worked many criminal cases at trial as well as the appellate process.

Tina brings over 20 years of experience. Tina has worked many death penalty cases at trial level as well as post-conviction level, and has been successful in being a part of the exonerations of death row inmates, as well as being a part of achieving many stays of execution.

Tina has been in the front lines in the fight to abolish the death penalty since the early 90's in the State of Texas where most executions have taken place. In 2000 Tina was responsible for the first inmate under then Governor Bush in receiving the first stay of execution for post-conviction DNA testing which resulted in law that allows for post-conviction DNA testing.

Tina has worked with many of the best attorneys in the country, including Barry Sheck. Tina has appeared on the Leeza Show, 60 Minutes 11, Court TV as well as being in Newsweek Magazine. Tina has also appeared in local media as well as in other publications including true crime books.

Tina is married to Rod Church and they live in Mishawaka, IN. Tina and her husband have two grown sons and two grand-daughters.

Tina is a member of the Indiana Public Defender's Council Association and the American Society of Professional Investigators.

Richard Ellis
Richard Ellis is an attorney whose practice is entirely devoted to the defense of capital cases, primarily habeas corpus matters. He received his undergraduate degree in 1970 (B. A., McGill University), his law degree in 1973 (J. D., University of Oklahoma), and a post-law degree in 1975 (M.B.A., University of California, Los Angeles). He has been practicing law since 1975 and is admitted in California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, and the District of Columbia. Since 1992, he has been involved in the litigation of post-conviction capital cases, primarily in Texas. He currently represents death-sentenced individuals in Texas, Nevada and California.

Lois Requena
Lois Requena has a BS degree in Criminal Justice, and Social work, currently lives in Texas.

Dr. Glenn Larkin
Dr. Larkin is a Forensic Pathologist, and former medial examiner of Pittsburgh, PA. He has conducted well over 2,000 autopsy's, and we are very pleased to have him as a consultant on our Tova team. He currently resides in North Carolina.

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